We create films for those who believe their wedding day is a heartfelt event with the most important people in their lives. Like you, we never understood why a day full of genuine emotion would get turned into a production of slow motion groomsmen walks and forced smiles. We believe in capturing fleeting moments in an authentic and artful manner.



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“Abundance has nothing to do with thick towels in nice hotels, or resumes, it has to do with what your heart feels. When I look at the two of you, I see that if you were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on a park bench, there is a relationship that transcends the world”

- Ted (Father of the Bride)




MARK VIGLAS | Cinematographer, Studio manager        


 JAMES CLEMENT | Cinematographer, Editor  

VillaView Cinema is a wedding video production company based out of Montreal, QC. We've shot 100+ weddings and there's always a good story and a ton of heart. We realized early on that it was never drone footage or a fancy shot that made our films powerful, but the authentic moments we captured. We knew that we could stage a "perfect" shot of a groom looking at his bride, but why would we when his face as she walks down the aisle is real and says so much more. We love crafting unique films for couples who believe in collecting moments over things, who gravitate towards the authentic, and who, without each other, life would be incomplete. These are the stories we love to tell.


“When I step back far enough, and connect the dots of my life, I’m amazed at how every decision, every turn, somehow led me to you.”

- Jason (Groom)



VillaView Cinema offers edited film collections beginning at $4600

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"They do everything with great thought and truly made a point to get to know us and find out the vision we had for our wedding day. Working with them was a real pleasure."

Ali & Richard


"Mark and James are extremely approachable, friendly, easy-going, and creative. They also make you feel extremely comfortable. We are so thankful for their hard work and for being so kind and fun."

Amanda & David


"We have NEVER seen anything like this before. The amount of work and time you must have put into this really shines through! We can't thank you enough...we're very lucky to have this memory of our special day and it's because of you two! :)"

Melissa & Flavio

"Without them my wedding wouldn't have been the same [...] you are drawn into what they do because of the passion they have for their work"

Stevi & George


"Brett and I planned our Montreal wedding from London, England [...] Even though we live an ocean away, a few phone calls and emails was all it took to get exactly what we dreamed of."

Lindsay & Brett


"They made everyone feel so at ease which led to a really natural and fun video. Mark and James really stop at nothing to get the best shots for your video…which in our case involved Mark lying in a wet ditch to get an amazing up-angle, and James riding on the back of a moving truck to get a great motion shot. Now that’s what I call being committed to your craft!"

Fauve & Justin